The competition sometimes asks for tougher approaches.                  

No business is protected against crises and major changes of the market

Businesses quickly need to respond to crisis coming from the market. The restructuring management supports you not only in identifying, structuring and weighting complex challenges but further to define implementable responses.

Our experience has proven that especially in challenging business situations, a well experienced and competent crisis manager is indispensable. With our profound and long-time experience in crisis management, we have successfully advised and assisted plural businesses in recent years. However, a successful advising is only possible if a crisis is seen as a new opportunity for the business. Perceiving a crisis as an opportunity and understanding the necessity of change opens up entirely new opportunities for a business such as the adaptation of the business strategy.

Our service comprises the assessment of the current business situation and the identification of the need for action, the definition of a restructuring plan with ad-hoc measures, the re-organization of the existing business model, the support and assistance in financing measures, the holistic coordination and project management as well as the implementation support in the restructuring and consolidation process, including taking on interim roles (CEO, CFO).